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SALE!!! Custom Santa Hat $5.99 with Custom Embroidery

Custom Santa hats SALE!!!

We got them and and they are here! Are you ready for Christmas! It’s about time. Our favorite holiday of the year is coming soon. The best way to show your holiday spirit is with stockings and santa hats. We have a few hats you can choose that are only 5.99 each and yes that comes with custom embroidery. So put your name on a hat and lets get into that holiday spirit this Christmas.

With this incredible low deal, we have selected hats that are only $5.99 and you can order as many as you would like. There is no limit on order size. You also can select any name on any hat. Just make sure to specify which name goes where. We then make your hats as soon as possible and send them out to your door directly.


Limited Time offers!

This is a limited time offer. You can save time and money when we offer our hats at a discounted rate. Also be sure to contact us for bulk orders anytime for special rates.  With the holiday season on the horizon it is a perfect time to put orders in now. We can process orders in as little as 2 days however, it could take up to 5 days. Standard Shipping takes about 2-5 days and priority mail takes 1 – 3 days depending on where you are located.


Gift it.

If you already have a Santa hat, gift one to your friends and family!  It makes a great awesome inexpensive gift. So, wear it to work. Spread that holiday spirit and turn those grinch people into believers!

With our quality Santa hats, you can personalize your name, business, or party title. Great for friends, family and co-workers. Get the full customizable experience. Let your creativity fly and have your Santa hats say what ever you want. We have tools to resize longer names so they fit nicely on the brim of the hat.


Fully Custom embroidery

Are you having a holiday party? Make sure you get your party logo on a custom Santa hats. Get into the holiday cheer and lets spread the joy and Christmas spirit. These custom Santa hats make a great gift for children.

Remember order soon so you take advantage of this deal and make sure you order your Holiday Santa hats for your friends and family. Take advantage of our bulk ordering discounts !

Merry Christmas

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