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Team Building Personalized Santa Hats

How is your office space? Is it fun? Does your company need a boost of motivation? An essential part of a good work space is having happy employees and good morale at the company. Having great team building events are essential. Here at we provide personalized bulk santa hats for your company’s holiday party and for the holiday season to lift the season spirits.

My Custom Santa Hats Custom Santa Hats Delivered

The gift of a personalized item to your employee will truly bring a smile to their face. It shows that their company really acknowledges them not just another number in the company. Strengthen the camaraderie and boost morale. It’s a huge help for the new employee to get to know everyones names and know they are part of a company that really cares.

Diversify, here we offer multiple colors of Fleece santa hats. Select hats to be all one color or choose an assortment of colored hats to fulfill. See our different color hats that we offer. Larger order follow our bulk santa hats bundle deals down below to fulfill your company needs

Personalized names are embroidered on each santa hat with quality embroidery thread. Our default thread color is Green. You can switch to any available colors we offer.

When ordering our hats for your event, we recommend to either personalize your employee’s name. Some companies add the business name for promotional use or brand strengthening. Handmade Fleece hats are of the most popular selection due to their in expensive cost when ordering with our business bulk santa hats option. Our hats are handmade of quality Fleece fabric material. All hats are one size fits all. Sure to fit just about any adult noggin.

Not having an event? No worries many companies still order personalized hats and stockings for the holiday season


Industries that have ordered bulk santa hats from us: Tech companies, Data Logistic companies, Retail Companies, Health Care, Real Estate, Government agencies, Law Enforcement, State and Local municipal, Engineering, Fitness and gymnastics, gym health and wellness, and several more organizations.

Previous nationwide companies have ordered from¬†MACY’s, Hilton Hotel, The Home Depot, Chase Bank, Orange Theory Fitness, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Good Year Tire Center.