Our Story

We are a family business. We love the Christmas season and in 2014 we started a Santa hat making company. With great family support and a love for the holidays, we work together and produce thousands of hats each season.

We hand select the hat material from a local textile company, while handcrafting our hats right here in the USA. We also customize your hats with embroidery & more.

In 2015 we donated hundreds of hats along with toys to a local Children’s hospital. My Custom Santa Hats along with our sponsors made it a great success! My Custom Santa Hats brought smiles to many children during their difficult times. We wish we can do this with every children’s hospital however we would need your help. If you are touched or moved by our story and the video below and want to do something for your local community children hospital, we can help. Contact us Today!

Have a look at one of our embroidery machines hard at work, creating an awesome custom logo for a local business on a custom Santa Hat. If you have a business or group that would like a unique or custom embroidered Santa Hats, let us know.